Neena Gupta Relishes Healthy And Delicious Moringa Parantha


Neena Gupta is back with yet another foodie escapade. What’s on the menu? We all know that the veteran star has a penchant for home-cooked meals. Recently, the actress left us drooling over a homemade desi dish—“Moringa parantha”. She shared a picture of her meal on her Instagram Stories. It included a plate carrying a half-eaten stuffed moringa parantha. The fried flatbread was prepared using moringa leaves known for their nutritional value.  Apart from chopped-dried moringa leaves, we could also see some sesame seeds and chopped onions in her parantha.  Check out Neena Gupta’s Instagram Story here:

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Photo Credit: Instagram /neena_gupta

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Neena Gupta has never shied away from expressing her love for food, especially home-cooked meals. Even when away from India, Neena Gupta enjoys simple “ghar ka khana”. The actress who was in Sydney last month, was the happiest on being able to enjoy humble roti, sabzi and dal. She shared a picture of what seems like her lunch plate on her Instagram Stories. In the photo, we could see a half-eaten chapati placed next to what appears to be gobi ki sabzi and moong ki dal. The amazing colour of the sabzi hinted at the range of spices that had gone into it, while the lip-smacking yellow dal was tempered with mustard seeds and fresh coriander leaves. Along with the picture, she wrote, “Ghar ka khana in Sydney.” Check out the picture here:

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Photo Credit: Instagram /neena_gupta

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Besides enjoying “ghar ka khana”, Neena Gupta has often impressed us with her culinary skills. Neena Gupta also decided to whip up Anda Bhurji on her Sydney trip. Drooling already? Wait till you see the video. The cooking process began with heating some oil in a pan and adding chopped onions. Next, she added spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, and coriander powder. Once the chopped onions were thoroughly cooked, she added chopped tomatoes to enhance the flavour. Finally, a pinch of salt was added to taste. The actor applies a unique approach by grating boiled eggs into the tadka. After blending it all, she topped it all with chopped coriander. For the final touch, she recommended savouring the egg bhurji with paratha, bread, or roti. The caption of the video reads, “Making Anda Bhurji in Sydney at my shoot.” Check out her post below:

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