Netflix sets premiere date for ‘Maamla Legal Hai’

Feb 7, 2024

A poster of 'Mamala Legal Hai'.

A poster of 'Mamala Legal Hai'. , Photo courtesy: Special arrangement.

the matter is legalA courtroom comedy series starring Ravi Kishan, Nidhi Bisht and Yashpal Sharma will start streaming on Netflix from March 1. The upcoming show is directed by Rahul Pandey and written by Saurabh Khanna and Kunal Aneja.

The series also stars Ananth V Joshi, Nyla Grewal, Anjum Batra and Vijay Rajoria. Established in the imaginary precincts of Patparganj District Court, the matter is legal Promises to offer a mix of humor, heart, and legal jargon.

the matter is legal Dives deep into the world of law, featuring a motley crew of lawyers ranging from idealistic rookies to eccentric veterans. “They strive for value, recognition and coveted air-conditioned rooms, while also providing relatable content that tugs at your heartstrings,” the makers said in a press release on Wednesday.

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In the series, Kishan plays VD Tyagi, president of the Patparganj Bar Association, who dreams of one day becoming the Attorney General of India. Bisht, Grewal, Batra and Rajoria play lawyers working under Kishan's Tyagi. the matter is legal Produced by Amit Golani, Biswapati Sarkar, Sameer Saxena and Khanna.

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