New Day, New Pics Of Vicky Jain And Ankita Lokhande Setting Couple Goals

Feb 9, 2024

New day, new pictures of Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande setting couple goals

The pictures are taken by Ankita Lokhande on Instagram. (courtesy: ankita lokhande)

New Delhi:

After this Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have become the talk of the town. bigg boss 17 ending. This real-life couple, who had many differences on the reality show, is now setting major relationship goals. From sharing romantic videos to attending parties together, the couple is making waves on social media. Now, in the latest Instagram, Ankita has shared a carousel of pictures of herself and Vicky Jain. Here Ankita is wearing a stunning red and gold saree and Vicky is looking dashing in a striped suit. Along with the happy album, Ankita wrote with a red heart emoji, “Even though we never said it to each other… we knew.”

Recently, Vicky Jain shared his views on his mother Ranjana Jain's comments about Ankita Lokhande. In an interview with E Times, Vicky Jain said, “My mother's feelings towards me for her son were right, but what she told Ankita was not right. The word is wrong. [Her words were wrong.] Many times people are unable to express what they are feeling and choose the wrong words. It was important for me to understand why she felt this way and it was because of our journey Bigg Boss. She couldn't talk to us, she saw us in problems and pain and that's why she was worried.”

He continued: “At that particular moment, he [Ranjana Jain] Said things which were not correct at all. Now that we [Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande] are outside, they talked to us and understood the situation, our parents are fine. We never did any housework but in bb 17 We were doing everything. We were so busy with the game that the dynamics of our relationships were changing every day and then there was also the pressure to perform at our best. No one's positioning has changed in mom's mind. [My mother’s perspective on anyone hasn’t changed.] I do not support my mother's comments and even she realized that it was not right to speak like this and she should have waited for us to come out. Everything is fine, the family is meeting each other and the family is together [the family is together],

Meanwhile, stand-up comedian and singer Munawar Faruqui won Bigg Boss 17.

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