New parents Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur’s relationship decoded

Feb 8, 2024

Sheetal Thakur’s body language mirrors qualities similar to Vikrant’s, portraying her as a grounded and mature individual capable of effectively managing both personal and professional aspects of life. Resting her head on Vikrant’s shoulder suggests she finds solace and tranquility in his presence, viewing him as a pillar of support. Her facial expressions and gestures towards Vikrant indicate her commitment to their partnership, sharing equal responsibility for their shared experiences and cherishing moments together.

Her hand wrapped around Vikrant’s signifies her dedication to ensuring their marital happiness, showcasing her willingness to go to great lengths to maintain their prosperity as a couple. Overall, Sheetal emerges as a devoted and confident partner, deeply invested in nurturing a flourishing relationship with Vikrant.

Photo: Vikrant Massey/ Instagram

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