New ‘tiny portion’ relationship trend helps you test your partner, here’s how


After the viral Orange Peel theory and Dorito Theory, there’s a new theory called the Tiny Portion Theory which is going viral on the internet. The reason: Some people claim it can help one decide if they are with the right partner. Read on to know more about it here.
What is the Tiny Portion Theory?
First posted on TikTok by the couple Andy and Michelle, this is a simple way to test if your partner cares for you.In the video, Michelle is seen serving their dinner wherein she gives a bigger portion of food to her partner Andy, while she takes a significantly smaller portion of food on her plate. When Andy asks her, “What is that? Why do you have so little? That’s like five percent of what I have.” Michelle simply says that that’s all they are left with. This is when Andy quickly switches their plates and insists on Michelle having more. “You eat to your heart’s content… You eat until you’re full, you’re full after two to three bites. Eat as much as you want and then I’ll have yours,” he says.
This video has not only gained people’s attention, but has also prompted people to say that Andy is the perfect “green flag” partner. The reason: In the Tiny Portion test, Andy seemed to not only care for his partner Michelle but also be very empathetic towards her– which are all signs of a great partner and relationship.
Since the video gained lot of attention on social media, many people have tried it with their partners too. However, in some cases the results were quite unexpected. For instance, in case of couple Maya and Carter, after noticing his partner having small portion of food, Carter simply started eating his meal. To this, while some people said Carter did not care for Maya, other pointed out that Maya said that she wasn’t hungry enough instead of saying that they were short on food which led to the test back firing.
Would you test your partner’s love and care for you through this test? Tell us in the comments below!

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