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New Delhi: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has started the registration process. Union Public Service Commission CSE Prelims 2024 this week for prelims scheduled in May. The Commission has imposed strict rules for uploading photographs on the registration form. As per the new guidelines, UPSC has asked candidates to upload photographs not older than 10 days before the start of the online application process. Therefore, candidates must ensure that the photographs are not taken before February 4, 2024.
While the rule has confused candidates and some have termed it an unnecessarily long and expensive process, experts claim it will control misuse of technology and other related issues. Fraud During the exam. In Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, several cases have been registered by the state against candidates for impersonation and technology-related crimes.
Retired senior IAS officer JK Dadu says that this initiative will control the misuse of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). With AI, there is a possibility of photographs and documents being transformed, which could pose serious challenges in public examination. “It is also difficult to differentiate between photographs of candidates on different forms and match them with the candidates who appeared in the examination. New technology and AI can easily transform photos and documents. With the new UPSC guidelines, the identification problem will be solved to a great extent,” says Dadu.
“There have been many cases where candidates have fused their photographs with each other. With technologies like AI and deepfakes, the challenges are increasing every day. Identity issues are a major problem that the Commission is facing. As per the new instructions, the candidate has to upload a picture Click within 10 days of commencement of online application process. This will make it difficult for candidates to manipulate application data. The new process may hit the wallet of candidates, especially from rural areas, but it will ensure that the identification is correct, which will make future processes easier,” says Dadu.
UPSC and state PSCs have received several complaints of impersonation, where the photo of the person in the admit card and the photo of the person appearing for the exam were different. “Often, there is a photograph of the younger brother on the admit card while the elder brother takes the exam. The recent instructions will eliminate such possibilities,” says Dadu.

ease of doing business

Senior IAS Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Secretary, Technology Development Board, Department of Science and Technology, says, “The new initiative will ease the process of doing business. This will also help in checking the age and appearance of the candidate as often they upload old photographs. On many occasions, it becomes a challenge during personality testing, when the interviewers find little or no resemblance with the photograph uploaded by the candidate during registration, thereby raising doubts among the examiners.
“The new system brings a bit of challenge for the candidates, but it will increase transparency and control impersonation. With the new system, candidates will not face any problem at any stage during the examination. Candidates from rural areas are unlikely to face difficulty as all facilities are available at every corner,” says Pathak.
The Commission said that the name of the candidate and the date of taking the photograph should also be clearly mentioned on the photograph. The official notification states that the faces of the candidates should also occupy three-fourth of the space in the photograph.
The Commission has also asked candidates to ensure that their appearance at each stage of the examination process – preliminary, main (written) and interview or personality test matches their photograph. For example, if a candidate uploads a photograph with a beard, he will have to appear in the Preliminary, Main (Written) and Interview/Personality Test with the same look. Same will be the case with glasses, mustache etc.
Candidates who want to apply for Civil Services Examination = Preliminary 2024 for approximately 1,056 vacancies can visit the official website and submit. Application Form, Candidates who score above the cut-off marks in CSE Prelims will become eligible to register for the main examination. The main examination will be descriptive and will be conducted over five days from September 20.

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