No More Cake Cracks! 5 Genius Tips To Make Your Cakes Look Picture Perfect

Feb 5, 2024

Baking a cake is no less than a form of art. There are so many things that you have to be mindful of to achieve the desired results. From the way you mix your batter to the cooking temperature and the type of utensils you use, each of these plays an important role in helping you bake that picture-perfect cake. If you ignore any of them, your cake can turn into a baking disaster, and the worst is seeing cracks on top of your cake. After putting in so much time and effort, this sight is nothing less than a nightmare for any baker. And if you’re an amateur, it can demotivate you before you even start your baking journey. But fret not; that’s exactly why we’re here to help you out. Here, we present to you five easy tips to prevent cracks in your cakes and make them look super smooth and flawless.
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Baking Tips: Here Are 5 Tips To Prevent Cracks In Your Cakes:

1. Preheat your oven

Preheating the oven is often the most overlooked step in baking. Many people skip it, thinking it won’t make much of a difference. However, this is exactly the reason why your cake ends up cracking from the centre. It would be best if you always preheated your oven, as it allows it to reach the correct temperature before you put your cake tin in it. So, remember to preheat the next time you bake and see the difference for yourself.

2. Use the right pan size

Did you know using an incorrect pan size can result in cracks in your cake as well? If you end up putting too much batter in a small cake pan, it will rise too quickly, resulting in cracking. Similarly, if you put less batter in a large pan, it won’t cook evenly and can result in cracks as well. Always use a cake pan of the dimensions mentioned in the recipe in order to prevent this.

3. Do not overmix your batter

Another thing we are all guilty of doing is overmixing the batter. We may feel like we’re better incorporating all the ingredients, but instead, we’re just mixing our way through a baking disaster. Overmixing the batter ends up adding too much air to it. This means it will rise quickly and cause cracking. Mix only as much as required for the best results.

4. Avoid opening the oven door

Do you feel tempted to open the oven door while your cake is baking? If so, it’s time to stop. By doing so, the temperature of your oven drops drastically, resulting in uneven cooking. Your cake batter might be in the middle of rising, and opening the door in this process will cause it to crack. Patience is key here if you want your cake to have the perfect dome.
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5. Allow the cake to cool 

Once your cake is fully baked, you must allow it to cool down. If you try to take it out of the cake tin immediately or cut straight into it, there is a high chance of it cracking or breaking entirely. It may seem like a long wait, but trust us, you must not skip this step if you wish your cake to have the picture-perfect look. Always allow it to cool first, so that you can savour its delectable taste without any worries.

Bookmark these easy tips and keep your cakes crack-free. Do let us know how they worked for you in the comments below. Happy Baking!

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