North Korea says Japan’s Kishida showed intention to meet Kim Jong Un recently


Seoul: North Korea'S kim yo jongleader's powerful sister Kim Jong UnJapanese Prime Minister Fumio said on Monday Kishida He recently expressed his intention to meet the North Korean leader soon through “another channel,” state media KCNA reported.
However, Kim said that improvements are being made Bilateral Relations between the two countries will depend on whether Japan can make practical political decision,
“The prime minister should know that just because he wants to and has made a decision, it does not mean that he can or that the leadership of our country will meet him,” Kim was quoted as saying by the Korean-language KCNA report. “
Kim said, “It is clear that when Japan opposes the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and violates its sovereign rights, it is considered our enemy and will become a target.”
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is the official name of the North.
Kishida has said he wants to hold talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “without any preconditions” and is personally overseeing efforts to realize the first such effort. leaders summit In 20 years.
Kim's sister, who serves in the ruling Workers' Party, said last month that Kishida might come for a one-day visit Pyongyang,
“If Japan… makes a political decision to open a new path for improving relations based on mutual respect and respectful behavior, I think the two countries can open up a new future,” KCNA quoted him as saying. “

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