Now, Indian Railways to offer affordable meals for General Class Coach passengers; check details


Indian Rail plans to scale up its new program to provide affordable food For traveling passengers general category coachThat is, the passengers who travel in unreserved coaches. This initiative is in response to the anticipated increase in passenger traffic during the summer season.
“Indian Railways recognizes the challenges faced by travelers unreserved compartment “(General class coaches), who may not always have access to convenient and budget-friendly meal options, told ET, a senior official involved in the implementation of the program. These meals and water are located near the normal second class coaches on the platforms. Will be available over the counters.” ,
“Passengers can purchase their snacks directly from these counters, eliminating the need to seek out vendors or venture outside the station,” he said.
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The service was initially tested at around 51 stations during calendar year 2023. Due to its success, the program is now being expanded, with counters currently running at over 100 additional stations, bringing the total number of counters to approximately 150. The Indian Railways initiative is set to expand to include more stations in the near future, the official said.
Apart from the affordable meal programme, the national transporter is also increasing the number of trains to cater to the surge in passengers during the summer season. A total of 9111 journeys will be available to ensure a comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers.
An official statement said, “This represents a significant increase compared to summer 2023, where a total of 6369 journeys were offered. This is an increase of 2742 journeys, which will enable Indian Airlines to effectively meet passenger demands.” Shows the commitment of the Railways.”

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