Now, Infosys prize only for those aged up to 40 years; Economics added as new category


Bengaluru: The Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) announced a massive revamp on Wednesday infosys awardsConverting it from a mid-career award to an early-career award, the aim is to recognize rising stars in research and education.
Under the new guidelines, the upper age limit for Infosys Award winners has been revised to 40 years. The move aims to reward potential and promise of future achievement in cutting-edge research that benefits humanity.
“Since its inception 15 years ago, ISF has recognized and honored 92 brilliant minds across diverse disciplines in a demanding global environment,” said Chris Gopalakrishnan, President, Infosys Science Foundation.
“This transformation stems from our vision of cultivating a generation of passionate young academics scientific researchand provides a longer runway for individuals to develop impactful work,” he said.
Infosys founder N.R. Narayana Murthysaid: “When we started the awards, our desire was to create role models for young researcher To create inventions and innovations comparable with the rest of the world… As a very progressive, forward-thinking, innovative organization, we realized that the country is moving forward with more IITs, IISERs, etc., and we need to change the model. “We should go ahead with this and make a cut-off of 40 years.”
Citing examples of Albert Einstein, AK Ramanujan and others, Murthy said how some of the best inventions or innovations in STEM came when scientists were really young and further reiterated why ISF decided to change the age criteria.
ISF said the basic objective is to recognize exceptional research that improves lives and creates role models for aspiring Indian scientists, however, it is also introducing new opportunities for international winners to spend time in Indian institutions to foster collaboration. Presenting the requirements.
Award winners based outside India will spend 30 days in a maximum of two visits at the host institution of their choice. ISF hopes that these exchanges will “foster dialogue with research groups” and potentially lead to long-term partnerships.
The categories have also been updated Economics It is now a dedicated field separate from the broader social science category. From 2024, there are six Infosys Prize categories: Economics, Engineering and Computer Sciences, Humanities, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and Physical Sciences.
“We believe this redirection will serve as a catalyst for future innovation and inspire young individuals to shape a better tomorrow,” Gopalakrishnan said.

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