‘Oldboy’ is getting a TV adaptation from Park Chan-wook


Choi Min-sik as Dae-su Oh in 'Oldboy'

Choi Min-sik as Dae-su Oh in 'Oldboy'

Lionsgate Television has announced a collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker Park Chan-wook to develop an English-language television adaptation of his iconic film. old boy,

Originally released in 2003, old boy This is the story of a man who finds himself inexplicably imprisoned in a sealed hotel room for 15 years. After his sudden release, he embarks on a frantic quest to uncover the truth behind his captivity within a tight deadline of five days, and faces dire consequences if he fails.

Chan-wook, director and co-writer of the original film, will serve as producer for the TV series along with his producing partner, Sid Lim. Lionsgate Television executives Courtney Mock and Tara Joshi are overseeing the project, with Brian Weiser negotiating the deal.

Lionsgate Television executive vice president and head of scripted development Scott Herbst praised Park as a visionary storyteller. He promised that the series would be adapted old boy It will capture the raw emotional power and iconic moments that made the film a classic.

With its gripping narrative and intense performances, old boy It received widespread praise upon release and is celebrated as a classic film of the 21st century. Chan-wook's latest foray into television came with HBO's latest miniseries, sympathetic, starring robert downey jr.

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