One killed, 12 injured in Afghan air force helicopter crash


Kabul: a helicopter used by afghan air force It crashed while attempting an emergency landing in central Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing one person and injuring 12, the Defense Ministry said.
Mi17 aircraft Afghanistan's Taliban-run Ministry of National Defense said in a statement that it faced “technical problems” while attempting to recover the bodies of people who fell into a river in central Ghor province.
The ministry said the helicopter crashed while attempting an emergency landing.
TalibanAn Islamic movement, took over Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US-led foreign forces in 2021 and inherited several aircraft from the army. republican rule it fell.
It is not clear how many and what types of aircraft the Taliban has managed to repair Russian Mi17 Utility helicopters are often used in rescue operations – including recent floods that killed hundreds of people in the northwestern part of the country.

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