“One Of The Big Dogs…”: On Glenn Maxwell’s Mental Health Break, Australia Great Reveals RCB ‘Pressure’


Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting on Tuesday expressed full sympathy for the struggling Glenn Maxwell, saying the constant pressure of being a star RCB player was weighing on him and he took the right decision to take an indefinite “mental and physical health” break from the game. , Maxwell has taken such a break for the second time in his career. The Australian player asked to be rested from the game against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Monday night after a string of low scores this season.

“For someone like Glenn in that team (RCB), he is one of the 'Big Dogs' along with Virat, a lot of pressure comes on some of the players playing in that team. If they don't perform, the results are bad. Don't follow him,” Ponting, who has watched Maxwell closely, told PTI in an exclusive interview.

RCB currently sits last in the 10-team table with six losses in seven matches. Ponting said, “If you look at what he has done so far in the tournament, there is pressure on the individual player as well. I read the article this morning that Glenn wants to step down, just miss a few games and try to freshen up.” ” , saying that every person has their own coping mechanisms.

“Every person is different, right. Some people want to step up and get on and get some runs on the board and that will change the way they think about the game and some people will want to step back and take a break. Is required.” “The great Australian and three-time World Cup winner explained.

Ponting believes that it becomes very important for a team coach to prioritize the mental well-being of the player.

“That's why now as a coach one really needs to understand that whoever is around the cricket team, their health and welfare and the welfare of the players is the first thing you think about.” Ponting believes that for elite athletes, it is important to have their loved ones around them as they are at the center of their success and failure.

“With more and more cricket being played, there are times when you play international games when you are away from home. You are away from all the things that make you happy, it's definitely the most part of what we do. The big part is coaching or playing.

Ponting said, “I'm fortunate that my family is with me now and they have been here with me for a few weeks. It has made it a little easier for me to spend a lot of time away from my family.”

On Monday, Maxwell came for the press conference and revealed that he himself has taken a voluntary break.

“For me, personally, it was a very easy decision. I've been in this situation before, where you can keep playing and put yourself in a deeper hole,” Maxwell said Monday night. PTI “I felt like I wasn't contributing with the bat, and with the results and the position we find ourselves in in the table, I think it's a good time to give someone else a chance to show their skills, and hopefully Yes, one can make that place one's own,” he added.

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