OpenAI Tests a New Memory Feature for ChatGPT to Let the AI Remember Past Conversations


OpenAI is testing a new feature for its generative artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant ChatGPT that can make conversations more fluid. The AI ​​firm is releasing an update this week that will add long-term memory to the chatbot, giving it the ability to retain pieces of information beyond a specific conversation. The company says that users will have complete control over what ChatGPT remembers and what not. There's also a manual setting for more detailed control of the feature.

Making the announcement on Tuesday (February 13), OpenAI said the new memory upgrade will make future conversations more useful and save users the hassle of repeating information in every new conversation. This feature is available to both free users and ChatGPT Plus customers. Currently, this feature is in the testing phase and has been made available to some users only. The company said it intends to share plans for a broader rollout soon.

With this feature, users can ask the AI ​​​​assistant to remember the length of their favorite essays, writing style, where they work, if they have a business, and more. However, asking to remember this is unnecessary as the chatbot will automatically pick up the information during the conversation. The company gave an example, saying, “You told that you have a daughter and she loves jellyfish. When you ask ChatGPT to help him create his birthday card, he suggests a jellyfish wearing a party hat.

One of the biggest concerns in the AI ​​field is data privacy, and some users may be apprehensive about letting a chatbot remember personal details about their lives. OpenAI highlighted that users will have full control of this feature. To turn off the memory, they can go to Adjustment , personalization , Memory, and toggle it on. When memory is off, ChatGPT will not create or use memory. Alternatively, users can use the temporary chat feature to have conversations without memory or history.

Users can also order the chatbot to forget something, and it will forget. There is also an option to view and delete a specific memory. going for it Adjustment , personalization , manage memory Will show all saved memories in an itemized list and also give the option to delete them.

The AI ​​firm also highlighted that it can use the content that users provide to ChatGPIT, including memories, to improve AI models. But users can also turn it off by going to Adjustment , data control , improve the model And tap the toggle button. OpenAI does not provide training on content for ChatGPT team and enterprise customers.

Additionally, the company said that as the Memories feature brings more privacy and security concerns, it is taking steps to assess and mitigate biases and remove from Memorization information that could be sensitive. Such as health details. These will only be remembered if a user explicitly orders ChatGPT to add it to memory.

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