Over 500,000 Dislikes! WWE Video Featuring The Rock Faces Major Backlash

Feb 6, 2024

Over 500,000 dislikes!  WWE video shows The Rock facing major backlash

The Rock (L) and Roman Reigns© X (formerly Twitter)

The Rock shocked World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans by appearing on the February 3 episode of SmackDown, where he hinted at a possible WrestleMania 40 match against the current undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. This was a big surprise for the audience as Reigns was expected to face Royal Rumble 2024 winner Cody Rhodes. While the return of a big superstar like The Rock was a big development, it was not well received by a section. Wrestling fans. The video of the segment featuring The Rock and Roman Reigns already has over 500,000 dislikes on social media, making it the most disliked video ever in the company's history.

Fans have been extremely vocal about the change in plans and many of them took to social media to voice their support for Cody Rhodes – someone who has a massive fan following at the moment.

The fan backlash has come as a major issue for the company, which is already dealing with a lot of bad publicity due to controversies involving Vince McMahon. WWE co-founder McMahon left the company and its parent organization, TKO Group Holdings, after being accused of sex trafficking and rape.

Media reports suggest that Rhodes and Reigns were to face each other at WrestleMania 40, while CM Punk was to main event the first day of the show with a match against World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. However, Punk's injury changed WWE's plans.

During the SmackDown episode, Rock had a brief confrontation with Reigns and hinted that the two could face off in a high-voltage WrestleMania 40 match. However, given that Elimination Chamber will take place in Australia, the match could be used at that event as well.

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