Pakistan International Airlines bars pilots and cabin crew from fasting during Ramzan while on duty


KARACHI: Pakistan's national flag carrier, PIA, has barred its pilots and flight attendants from fasting on on-flight duty days during the ongoing holy month of Ramzan. medical recommendation Which says that during fasting, a person has to face dehydration and laziness and sleep problems. Corporate Safety Management and the Air Crew Medical Center both recommend it to pilots and cabin crew members Pakistan International Airlines One should not fast during flight.
“The top management of PIA has issued compliance orders to pilots and cabin crew personnel with immediate effect based on these recommendations,” an official of the ailing airline said.
“The recommendations specifically state that when a person is fasting, he or she is more likely to face dehydration and laziness and sleep problems,” the official said.
Due to these recommendations, pilots and cabin crew members have been asked not to fast when they are on duty for international or domestic flights.
An investigation team of aircraft inspection boardWhich had last month released its findings on the crash of the PIA Airbus flight that crashed into a crowded area of ​​a housing society near Karachi airport in May 2020, blaming human errors.
The board considered failure to exercise appropriate judgment by the two pilots during landing as the main cause of the fatal accident, which killed 101 people, including 99 on board, while two passengers miraculously survived.
The report also held the PIA and the Civil Aviation Authority responsible for not having a clear procedure on whether pilots should fast during the month of Ramzan while on duty.
The PIA management made it clear in its order that if any pilot or crew member is fasting, he will not be allowed to board the flight.
Pakistan's new Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif last week approved the privatization of the country's ailing national flag carrier PIA before June 15, according to media reports.
In 2022, PIA became the country's third-largest loss-making public sector entity, requiring Pakistani rupees 11.5 billion per month just to service its debts, the Express Tribune newspaper reported.
According to PIA's financial report, the airline suffered a loss of Rs 60.71 billion in the first six months of 2023 due to the depreciation of the rupee against the US dollar.

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