Paranthas Fly Mid-Air, Lands On Distant Pan. Vendors Dough Tossing Skills Win Internet


Preparing paranthas and rotis is not everyone’s cup of tea. While achieving the perfect round shape feels like a Herculean task, tossing the dough in the air is simply one level harder. People who make flatbreads at home don’t usually take on the second challenge. They are mostly executed by street-side food vendors to evenly distribute the flour. Their skills, make the feat feel like a cakewalk. However, a video that has raised the eyebrows of the masses shows a food vendor hurling dough in such a manner that it flies across a distance in the air before landing on a hot pan, kept a few meters away. 

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The mind-blowing video shared on X (formerly Twitter) captured the street chef tossing the flour-laden dough mid-air like a frisbee. The dough traversed through quite a distance and landed on a boiling hot pan. Another man who was at the end of the pan caught the dough on the flat surface of a cooking spatula with sheer ease. The two culinary experts continued the process repeatedly, making as many paranthas as possible. Never once, did the dough preparer miss the target, nor did the other man let the dough slip away, displaying excellent co-ordination. The name of the roadside stall was aptly kept, “Flying Parantha”. 

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Social media users were intrigued by the special flying disc-inspired parantha, dropping amusing reactions. One of them lauded the talent of the vendor and wrote, “Practice makes a man perfect.” Comparing him to former Indian cricketer Ashok Dinda, a sports enthusiast commented, “Wow, this talent surpasses Ashok Dinda.” Another fellow cricket lover quipped, “Yes, he’s got everything, spin, drift, dip. Aka Ashwin.”

An individual urged the internet population to “send him to Olympic Games”. “Incredible India. Frisbee throw is so accurate,” pointed out someone else. 

One person, however, begged to differ in their opinion as they criticised, “We give honor and respect to food. Crazy to see such circus and utter dishonor and disrespect or insult of food being termed as talent or skill.”

So far, the video has garnered over 4,50,00 views on the micro-blogging platform. What are your thoughts on this?

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