Paris Mayor’s car-free Eiffel Tower Zone faces resistance from police chief and locals

Feb 10, 2024

Paris: Mayor of Paris anne hidalgo Is facing serious challenge on its idea of ​​removing nearby cars Eiffel Tower and to build a green path, Hidalgo is having a hard time convincing both residents and the police force to turn over one of the city's most popular spots.
Every day, tourists gather to take photos of the Eiffel Tower from the high point of the Trocadero, where beautiful gardens lie across the River Seine.
However, reaching the Trocadero requires crossing two major intersections and often encountering traffic on the Ponte d'Eina bridge.
Earlier this week, Mayor Anne Hidalgo put forward a proposal aiming to remove cars and create a greenway between the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero esplanade.
Despite his plans to launch the project after the 2024 Summer Olympics, his critics – notably the Paris police chief – remain resistant.
The initiative aligns with Hidalgo's broader agenda of reducing the presence of automobiles in Paris and increasing its environmental sustainability, an approach that has sparked discord between residents and political opponents who view her policies as overly aggressive.
Hidalgo initially pitched the project in 2019, but faced opposition from the city's former police chief, Didier Lallement, and right-wing mayors of three districts due to concerns regarding traffic disruptions.
However Hidalgo, who recently proposed banning cars from half of the central Place de la Concorde, is counting on the excitement surrounding the Olympics to drum up support for her ambitious endeavor.
After the Games, Hidalgo envisioned a car-free zone in front of the Eiffel Tower, including a green Trocadero, a pedestrian-friendly Ina bridge, and a renovated Champ-de-Mars, which would collectively be in the center of Paris. Create an extensive park. ,
Supporters praised Hidalgo's efforts to tackle pollution and expand green spaces in the densely populated metropolis, especially given the challenges posed by increasingly frequent summer heatwaves.
While Hidalgo celebrated a major victory during his first term with the pedestrianization of the right bank of the Seine, the Trocadero project suffered setbacks, being struck down by an administrative court in 2022 and 2023.
Nevertheless, Hidalgo remains undaunted, and is presenting a revised plan to police officials in anticipation of a new opportunity before the Olympics.
However, his critics, including French Culture Minister Rachida Daati and Paris police chief Laurent Nunez, express concerns, citing traffic disruption and emergency response times.

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