Paris police evict hundreds of migrants ahead of Olympics


In the French capital Paris, the police on Wednesday cleared a large migrant clumsy in the southern suburbs of Vitry Sur Seine Only 100 days left before the start of 2024 summer Olympics,
About 450 people lived in a temporary camp on the site of an abandoned bus company office. migrantsMainly young men but also including some mothers with small children.
Rights groups said most migrants there had documents and were waiting for social housing allocations.
Concerned aid organizations have expressed fears that long-term housing assistance will be lost after those who are now being evicted in an effort to “clean up” the city ahead of the Olympics, scheduled from 26 July to 11 August. Will not be able to get it.
“The squat was the largest in France. It doubled in size in a year because of the Olympics,” said Paul Allouzi of the humanitarian organization Medecins. “Last year, authorities cleared migrants from near the Olympic village and many displaced people came here Were.” du monde.
Officials said the eviction process would continue for several days. On Wednesday, about 300 people were forcibly removed from the site – 150 had left the night before. Many of those evicted were put on buses to take them to other cities around France.
Some groups also raised concerns that the move would have a negative impact on the well-being of school-going children who would be uprooted from squatting.

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