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Feb 8, 2024

New Delhi: Experienced coach tom moody Said on Thursday that the performance of players in highly competitive leagues like IPL and ILT20 will be more important this time.
Moody said that important performances in the league can affect team selection. t20 world cup,
The upcoming edition of this prestigious ICC event is scheduled to be jointly hosted by West Indies and USA in June.
Many teams, including India, have already completed their T20I assignments, making individual performances in the league important for World Cup consideration.
“As with any other T20 tournament like IPL (to be played between March-May), ILT20, it is important for any player to perform as every domestic team is looking at the performance of all their players in these tournaments because Moody “There is high quality cricket in these (leagues),” he said during a virtual media interaction organized by the Desert Vipers team of ILT20.
After this, Moody explained how this outing can help the players to secure a place in the team going for the World Cup.
“If you are scoring runs, taking wickets and showing consistency, it puts you in a good position as an individual when it comes to the final tough decisions at the selection table.
“It allows you to continue to have that kind of confidence going into an important (T20) World Cup,” Moody said.
Even India head coach Rahul Dravid had recently expressed a similar opinion.
“We may not get as many opportunities to play together, so we'll have to work around it. We'll obviously have the IPL, and you know, everyone will be watching closely to see if some of them How people play and what slots we have that need to be filled in the team,” Dravid had said after India's three-match home T20 series against Afghanistan last month.
However, Moody was not unaware of the challenge that a new destination like the United States could pose to teams who might otherwise be familiar with the conditions in the West Indies.
“Many have played in the Caribbean but what will be presented in the US will be one of many different things.”
The former Australian all-rounder said that teams and players will have to adapt quickly to a non-regular cricket venue like America.
“Talking about world-class players, they have played in all types of conditions and situations. I believe the top players and teams will adapt very quickly, whether it is chasing a 200-plus target or a low-scoring target,'' he said.
'Protect Test cricket'
As the discussion turned to the future of Test cricket in a world of rapidly growing T20 leagues, Moody said International Cricket Council (ICC) should work with different boards to save the traditional format of the game.
“It's a balance of both. These leagues are emerging around the world for a reason, because there is a hunger for T20 cricket,” he said.
“But the ICC and the boards need to be mindful of getting that delicate balance right, and we need to protect Test cricket.”
Moody was only realistic when he said that the future would see a reduction in the number of Test matches.
“The reality is that we will not play as much Test cricket as we have historically played. Also, not every country will be able to play such a large amount of Test cricket due to the financial pressures placed on cricket boards.
However, the veteran coach said that it will be difficult for all T20 leagues to survive in the long run due to the need for constant financial support.
Moody expressed hope that this would provide some support to Test cricket.
“Over time, we will see that established leagues, which have got good infrastructure and financial backing and good cricket investors, will survive and flourish, while
Others will gradually fade away, creating some natural gaps (for Test cricket).
The fight for Test cricket's survival reminded Moody of the time when Kerry Packer's World Series Cricket (WSC) shook the foundations of the game in the 70s.
“What has happened historically with the game is that it is changing, and we need to adapt to it. There was a generation in the 70s when we were having this conversation when Kerry Packer brought World Series Cricket, Moody reminisced.
Packer's 'pajama cricket' brought colorful clothing, a 40-over format and extra money to the game, attracting many of the top stars of that era from the West Indies and Australia.
Although the WSC was only played between 1977 and 1979, it changed the landscape of cricket forever, helping people realize the potential of the game.
“Playing cricket under lights and colorful clothes (during the WSC) was a ridiculous idea. But look where it's taken us now,” Moody said, signing off.
(With inputs from PTI)

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