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Abu Dhabi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced plans to open a new Central Secondary Board Education (CBSE) office in Dubai, demonstrates commitment to providing high quality education in the United Arab Emirates.
Addressing the gathering at the 'Ahlan Modi' expatriate event in Abu Dhabi, PM Modi Highlighting significant achievements in the education sector, it said that “More than 1.5 lakh Indian students are studying in UAE schools… The Master's course was launched here at the IIT Delhi campus last month and a new CBSE Office Will be opened in Dubai soon. These institutions will be helpful in providing the best education to the Indian community here.
Addressing cultural ties between India and the UAE, PM Modi lauded the close linguistic similarity and described the achievements of both the countries as exemplary for the world.
“In terms of community and culture, the achievements of India and the UAE serve as exemplary models for the world. There is also closeness in the languages ​​of India and the UAE,” the PM said.
Reflecting on his initial visit to the UAE in 2015, he expressed a sense of kinship and warmth, particularly during the welcome he received from the Crown Prince, who is now President.
PM Modi said, “I well remember my first visit to the UAE in 2015, soon after assuming the office of Prime Minister. It was the first visit of an Indian Prime Minister to the UAE in three decades. I remember my warm welcome there. Was welcomed.” The Crown Prince, who is now President, arrived at the airport accompanied by his five brothers. During that trip, I felt an immediate kinship as if I was meeting my family.”
Apart from educational initiatives, PM Modi underlined India's global recognition for mega infrastructure projects, vibrant tourism and sporting prowess.
“India is being recognized as a vibrant tourism destination. India is being recognized as a great sports power. You will be proud to hear this. You know the digital revolution in India. Digital India is being recognized across the world. “It's appreciated. To make sure people are involved.” We are making every possible effort so that UAE also benefits from this. We shared RuPay card pack with UAE…UPI is going to launch in UAE soon. This will enable seamless payments between UAE and Indian accounts,” the Prime Minister said.
In his address, PM Modi also emphasized on India's growing influence on the world stage and said, 'Today the world is looking at India as 'Vishwa Bandhu'. Wherever there is any crisis, India's name comes among the first countries to reach there. Today's strong India stands with its people at every step.”
The enthusiasm from the NRIs has been overwhelming, forcing organizers to close registration last week as the number of attendees crossed 65,000.
The Prime Minister, who arrived in Abu Dhabi earlier in the day, held a bilateral meeting with UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to advance the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.
Several MoUs including an MoU on interlinking of instant payment platforms – UPI and UAE's AANI were exchanged between India and UAE in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. .
PM Modi told a gathering of Indian expatriates in the UAE that he has brought with him the fragrance of the soil where he was born and a message to India's 140 crore citizens that “India is proud of you”. Speaking at the 'Ahlan Modi' event at the Zayed Sports Stadium here, PM Modi said people from different regions of the UAE and different states of India have gathered at the venue and “everyone's hearts are connected”.
PM Modi was given a grand welcome upon reaching Abu Dhabi. The two leaders held a meeting in which bilateral agreements were signed between the countries. The PM interacted with the first batch of students from the IIT Delhi-Abu Dhabi campus and appreciated the project of bringing students from the two countries together.
PM Modi said that this not only begins a new chapter in bilateral cooperation between India and the UAE, but also brings together the youth of both the countries. The inauguration of a campus of the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in the UAE in February 2022 was envisioned by the leadership of India and the UAE.
“This project is a joint collaboration between the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D) and the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) and aims to provide quality higher education opportunities to students globally,” the MEA statement said. To provide.”
It will also promote partnership between the two countries in the field of next generation technology, research and innovation, the statement said. The first academic program of the Masters in Energy Transition and Sustainability started this January.
PM Modi will inaugurate the first Hindu temple BAPS temple in Abu Dhabi tomorrow. The Prime Minister is in UAE till 13-14 February after which he will go to Doha.

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