Police confirm identity of 101st victim of huge Maui wildfire


Honolulu: The the death toll by the forest fire that destroyed historic hawaii city Of lahaina After August it increased to 101 on Tuesday maui police The identity of a new victim, a 76-year-old man, was confirmed.
As of last month, Paul Kasprzycki of Lahaina was one of three people still missing in the Aug. 8 fire.
Maui police did not say in a news release where her remains were found or how they were identified, except to say the discovery was the work of a “cold case detail.”
Maui police said last week that they had formed the island's first cold case unit to try to find the remains of three people missing in the fire. He did not respond to calls for comment Tuesday.
The victims of the deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century ranged in age from 7 to 97, but more than two-thirds were 60 or older, according to Maui police's list of known victims. .
An action report released by Maui police earlier this month said 42 people were found inside buildings, 39 people were found outside and 15 people were found inside vehicles. A person was found in the sea. Three others died in hospital from fire-related injuries.
Most were recovered in the first three days after the blaze. Forensic experts and cadaver dogs were searching through the ashes for bodies that may have been cremated. Authorities collected DNA samples from family members to identify the remains.
Some of the remains collected were as small as a quarter.
DNA testing allowed officials in September to reduce the death toll from 115 to at least 97. The toll rose slightly over the next month as some victims succumbed to their injuries or police found additional remains.

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