Police in Australia identify the Sydney stabbing attacker who killed 6 people


Sydney: Police The attacker who stabbed six people to death in a busy Sydney shopping center before he was shot dead by a police officer was identified on Sunday.
New South Wales Police said 40-year-old Joel Cauchi was responsible for the attack at the Westfield Shopping Center on Saturday afternoon. bondi junctionIn the city's eastern suburbs and not far from the world famous Bondi Beach.
NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Anthony Cook told reporters at a media conference on Sunday that Cowie was suffering from as yet undiagnosed mental health problems and police investigators were not treating the attack as such. terrorism related,
“We are continuing to work on profiling the offender, but at this stage it clearly appears to us that this is related to the mental health of the individual involved,” Cook said.
He said, “Still, up to this point … we have received no information, no evidence, no intelligence to suggest that this was motivated by any particular motivation – ideological or otherwise.”
The attack, at one of the busiest shopping malls in the country and which was a hive of activity on a particularly warm autumn afternoon, began around 3:10 a.m. and police were immediately called.
Six people were killed in the attack – five women and one man, aged between 20 and 55. Another 12 people were injured and hospitalized, including a 9-month-old baby whose mother was killed in the attack.
The male victim was a security guard at the shopping center and was later identified as Faraz Tahir, 30, of Pakistan.
According to a written statement on Sunday from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Australia, Faraz had been in Australia for less than a year and was “a respected member of our community”.
Video footage taken by a witness shows several people running away as Kouachi, wielding a knife, runs the wrong way through a shopping mall and attacks people.
“When I took my footage, it was probably about 15 seconds before he was shot by the police officer and he had already killed several people at that point, but we didn't know that and we didn't know what happened. “There was,” said Rohan Anderson, who entered the shopping center moments before the attack. He added, “We saw a guy running around with a knife on the level below us and you just sat there in disbelief That it's happening in Australia, in Bondi.”
Other footage shows a man confronting an attacker holding a metal pole on an escalator in a shopping centre.
Inspector Amy Scott, the first emergency responder on the scene, shot and killed Cauchi.
Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the officer was “certainly a hero” whose actions have saved the lives of many more people.
He said, “A wonderful inspector who put herself in danger and removed the danger to others without thinking about the risk to herself.”
“We also see footage of ordinary Australians putting themselves in harm’s way to help their fellow citizens. The bravery that we saw yesterday was extraordinary.”
In a written statement later Sunday, Cauchi's family said they were devastated by Saturday's events and that they had “no problem” with Scott shooting their son, adding, “He was only protecting others.” Was doing my job for”.
“Joel's actions were truly appalling and we are still trying to understand what happened,” the statement said. “He has struggled with mental health issues since his teenage years.”
Throughout Sunday, people left scores of floral tributes to the victims outside the now-closed shopping centre. Police say it will remain an active crime scene for several days.

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