Pope Francis, recovering from bronchitis, calls for end of Gaza conflict


Vatican City: Pope Francis On Sunday he appealed for an end to the conflict in Gaza, as he showed signs of recovery after suffering bronchitis,
On Saturday the 87-year-old pope entrusted the task of reading a speech at a ceremony to an aide, and on Wednesday he took a brief visit to a hospital in Rome after he missed reading in his weekly audience, saying he had to “A little bit cold”.
“Every day I walk with pain in my heart population Due to ongoing conflict in Palestine and Israel warThousands dead, wounded, displaced,” Francis said, speaking alone in a clear voice from Angelus Payer in Rome.
Addressing the faithful in St. Peter's Square, Francis stressed the consequences of the conflict on children and called for the release of all those held hostage. Hamas'Raids on 7 October.
“Do you really think you can build a better world this way? Do you really think you'll achieve peace? Enough already! Please let us all say enough! Stop!” Francis said
Francis has faced several health issues in recent months.
He was forced to cancel a planned trip to the COP28 climate meeting in Dubai in early December due to the effects of influenza and lung inflammation.
In January, he was unable to complete a speech due to “a touch of bronchitis”.

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