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Feb 9, 2024

Islamabad: Amidst the fear of NegotiatePTI interim chief Barrister Gauhar Ali Khan He said that the winning independent candidates belong to PTI and they will not join any alliance, disregarding the party whip.
PTI supporter Road blockades and street demonstrations were witnessed throughout the day on Friday in parts of Punjab and the southern port city of Karachi to protest against the delay in election announcement by the Pakistan Election Commission. Result,
“We voted, although it was a selection. We are in the digital age, and even after almost 24 hours of voting we do not know the results. Their excuse is that the internet was down, but they were the ones who suspended it ,” said Samia Jameel, a PTI supporter in Islamabad.
Former National Assembly speaker and Imran's close aide Asad Qaiser alleged that the results were being changed, but PTI was still on top.
PTI Information Secretary Rauf Hasan said that the public has voted to make Imran the next PM of Pakistan. “Those in power (referring to the military establishment) must learn to respect the people's choice,” he said, warning of the “fatal consequences” of trying to derail the mandate.

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