Putin asks voters in Russia and annexed Ukraine to unite


President Vladimir Putin appealed on thursday voteris included in Occupied parts of ukraineunite in determination RussiaThe future will be decided by voting in this week's presidential election, in which he is almost certain to win.
“I am convinced: You realize what a difficult period our country is going through… It is important to underline our solidarity and resolve and move forward together. Every vote “Your contribution is valuable and meaningful,” Putin said in a video address shown for the first time in Russia's Far East and reported by national news agencies. Therefore, I ask you to exercise your right to vote in the coming three days. Putin, 71, in power as president or prime minister since 2000, faces three challenges in three days of voting starting on Friday. None of the challengers have criticized him.
In his video remarks, Putin said all voters want to see a strong, prosperous and independent Russia “to raise the standard of living and the quality of life.” And it will be like that. The act of voting was “a demonstration of the spirit of patriotism”, Putin said. And this, he said, was particularly felt in areas of eastern and southern Ukraine now occupied by Russian forces – some since the start of the February 2022 invasion, others captured by Russian-backed separatists in 2014. Was done.


Putin said the patriotic choices were clear for residents of Novorossiya, a tsarist term for eastern Ukraine's Donbass and parts of southern Ukraine, who voted for annexation by Russia in a 2022 referendum, which the West views as illegal. Told. “(They) voted in a Referendum “People will again make their choice in the coming days and in the most difficult conditions for unification with Russia,” Putin said. People participating in the special campaign will also vote, Putin said. They are an example for all Russians.”
Ahead of the vote, Kiev has stepped up aerial bombardment of Russian areas across their shared border. At least two people were killed and several others injured in attacks in the Russian region of Belgorod on Thursday. And the Russian National Guard said it was fighting off attacks by pro-Ukraine militia in Kursk, the latest in a series of border clashes.
Kiev says holding elections on Ukrainian territory is illegal.
Early voting is underway in Ukraine's occupied territories, and votes will also be held in Crimea, the peninsula annexed by Moscow in 2014 – a move that most of the global community has refused to recognize. In the occupied city of Mariupol, authorities opened pop-up polling stations on small tables on the street and on the hoods of cars. Banners bearing the red, white and blue “V” logo were flown – an army symbol used to signal support for a military invasion.

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