Putin on US democracy: ‘The Whole world is laughing’


New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin Responding to Western criticism of Russia's electoral process, it has criticized the US elections and rejected them as undemocratic. Regarding the state of democracy in the United States, he commented, “The whole world is laughing at what's happening there.”
“This is just a disaster – this is not democracy – what the hell is this?” Putin specifically highlighted actions taken against the former president Donald TrumpLabeling the situation as a “disaster” that deviates from democratic norms.
Putin's election victory
Election result: With over 99% of the votes counted, Putin won by 87%, described as record-breaking for Russian presidential elections.
Western leaders, including President Volodymyr Zelensky and EU chief Charles Michel, have described the election as illegitimate. Britain and the US have also criticized the fairness and extent of voting in the occupied Ukrainian territories.
Warning on World War III
Putin warned the West that there will be a direct conflict led by Russia and America nato military alliance This would mean that the planet is one step away from World War III, but that is hardly a scenario anyone wants.
“It is clear to everyone that this will be a step away from a full-scale Third World War. I think hardly Someone's interested in it.”
Putin said that despite recent successful Ukrainian counter-offensives, Russian forces hold the upper hand in Ukraine. In response to Ukraine's continued aggression, Putin suggested the possible creation of a buffer zone, allowing Russian control to be extended into more Ukrainian territory.
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