Rangbhoomi by Sneha Arts is new cultural space in Hyderabad


The house was converted into a cultural center

The house was converted into a cultural centre. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

A corner house facing a park in a quiet neighborhood in Sainikpuri, Hyderabad is now Rangbhoomi by Sneha Arts, a new cultural space for music/dance shows, open mics and theater performances. Co-founded by artist Sneha Lata Prasad and theater actor/director Jai Jha, the recently launched engaging tea space is an extension of the cultural dimension into newer neighborhoods of the city.

Jai Jha (Black Tea) with participants of a theater workshop

Jai Jha (Black Tea) with participants of a theater workshop. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

Painted in bright colours, the house welcomes visitors with a small courtyard, a canteen and a gorgeous sculpture made of metal and scrap of a man riding a horse on top of the house. Wander around or relax on the concrete benches listening to the birds chirping. With a stage of 14×25 feet and a hall with a seating capacity of around 70 people, the venue promises to engage the audience in an intimate setting.

theater workshop

open mic session

Open Mic Session | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The first theater workshop of five members is in progress when we enter the hall to chat about the location. Jai, founder of Kissago Theater Group and one of the co-founders of Rangbhoomi Space in Gachibowli, informed that the Gachibowli space has been closed due to lease issues. “Initially, Sneha Madam (Sneha Lata Prasad) who is also fond of art, culture and theatre, wanted to set up her sculpture studio here. Once he came to know about our lease issue, he was encouraged to convert this house into a creative hub,” he said, adding that Sainikpuri brings back memories as he used to live in this area during college. Were staying. “It is easy for me to shift and work here because there are friends and acquaintances to help.”

challenging aspects

The house was lit before the show

House burnt before the show. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

The place that officially opened with the play on Valentine's Day Banerjee Babu, An open mic has since been held by Orange Carrot Productions. Jai admits that gathering crowd in the area is a challenge. “Seeing theater performances is still new in this part of the city,” he says. The team plans to stage plays by Kissago to generate buzz and introduce theater lovers to the area about the setting.

Sculptures by artist Sneha Lata Prasad

Sculptures made by artist Sneha Lata Prasad. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

However, there have been inquiries for music and dance shows, and some schools have reached out for performances by their students on stage. “Places like this help us realize that doing theater in front of a small crowd can also be fun; We neither need a mike nor shouting to make our voice heard. ,

The house lit up before the show

The house lit up before the show. Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

With an aim to create an art/cultural hub in the neighbourhood, Jai hopes this space will leave its mark. “In Gachibowli, it took three months for the Rangbhoomi space to attract people's attention after its launch. It's only been a month since Rangbhoomi launched, so we hope to slowly and steadily create buzz.”

Preksha Trivedi Company and Kissago Theater Group will stage Blind Men's Club by Sneha Arts at Lamakaan and Rangbhoomi on March 16 and 17; stamp: 200 on bookmyshow.com

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