Rasika Dugal’s ‘Fairy Folk’ gets a release date

Feb 8, 2024

Release date of Rasika Duggal starrer film fairy world has been locked. This film will hit the theaters on March 1.

Directed by Karan Gaur, fairy world Deeply explores the complexities of human relationships. Sharing her experience of working in the film, Rasika said in a statement, “Working on an improvised film is a joy for an actor. This style of shooting gave us a chance to explore many strange things What people do and say when they find themselves in an unprecedented situation.” Situations…beautiful oddities that sometimes get lost in the need to write a 'logical' screenplay. It was a lot of fun playing the role of skilled improvisers. This is the kind of film that an actor should have in people's lives.”

Rasika shares screen space with her husband and actor Mukul Chadda in the film. Mukul also shared his work experience fairy world, “It's very different from all the other films I've worked on. First of all, in terms of its narrative, which brilliantly uses magical realism to tell a very grounded story of relationships and desires, which Both funny and sad. And secondly, Karan's improvisational style of filmmaking has made it both challenging and fun to work on. I want more films like this to be made,” he shared.

fairy world It was previously screened at the Sydney Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, MAMI (Mumbai) and the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. The background score of the film is composed by Karan Gaur, who has notable ventures Butterfly, bastard, dear dad, And Agra His credits as a composer. (ANI)

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