Report: Putin’s suggestion of truce in Ukraine rejected by US


Moscow/London: Russian President Vladimir Putinis suggested Ceasefire In ukraine had to stop the war rejected by the US after contacts between mediators, three Russian sources with knowledge of the discussions said. The failure of Putin's approach marks the beginning of a third year of the deadliest conflict in Europe since World War II.
A US source denied that any official contacts had taken place and said Washington would not engage in talks that do not involve Ukraine. Russian sources said Putin sent signals to Washington publicly and privately through intermediaries in 2023, including Moscow's Arab partners in West Asia and others, that he is willing to consider a ceasefire in Ukraine.
Putin was proposing a halt to the current border conflict and was unwilling to give up any Ukrainian territory controlled by Russia, but the signal was seen by some in the Kremlin as the best path toward some kind of peace. “Contacts with the Americans turned out to be pointless,” said a senior Russian source with knowledge of the discussions that took place in late 2023 and early 2024. A second Russian source said the Americans told Moscow through mediators that they would not discuss a possible ceasefire. Without Ukraine's participation and therefore contacts ended in failure. A third source said the Americans do not want to put pressure on Ukraine.
The Kremlin, the White House, the US State Department and the CIA all declined to comment.

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