Rishabh Pant’s Mom Was “Concerned He’d Ever Be Able To Walk Again”: Doctor Reveals Astonishing recovery


The medical staff caring for Rishabh Pant after a horrific car accident in 2022 have praised the resilience and mental strength shown by the cricketer as he went through a “frustrating” recovery process. Pant is set to make his cricket comeback in the IPL on March 23 when he will captain Delhi Capitals against Punjab Kings in Mohali. “I'm feeling very close to normal,” Pant told 'BCCI.TV' with a radiant smile.

This seemed a distant dream 15 months ago when he suffered multiple injuries in an accident. However, this has become true due to the expert care of Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, Director of the Center for Sports Medicine, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Mumbai and some dedicated staff of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru.

Pardiwala remembered how difficult Pant's recovery journey was.

“As surgeons and doctors, it is very important for us to inform our patients, their families and all stakeholders about the true status of the injury. Rishabh's mother was with him. She was very worried whether he would ever walk again Or not,” Pardiwala said.

“I told him 'It's a very serious injury and we will definitely aim to get him back into competitive cricket. But it will be a long process.'

However, Pardiwala was surprised when he saw Pant's confidence as he entered the recovery phase. “When I told Rishabh it was 18 months, he said, 'Okay, I'm going to show you I can do it in 12 months,'” he said.

Pant remained true to his words and worked hard at the NCA during his recovery.

“When I started walking without crutches, that was a high point,” the 26-year-old player said. “Then started jogging a bit, that was high for me, then started batting, then started keeping because I was having trouble in everything. It was fun.” ,

But each of those small steps had to be taken with utmost care because of the multi-level complexities.

Pardiwala said Pant's complex knee injury, post-accident shock and his own frustration at being away from the cricket field need to be dealt with effectively.

“For any surgeon, knee dislocation is one of the worst injuries because everything breaks down. You need to get the stability back, you need to get the ability to absorb shock back,” he said.

“For any trauma, there is a period of shock and there is always an aspect of mental health. On a particular day, you are absolutely normal, you are a superstar and you are celebrated around the world.

“But after a week, you can't do what a normal person does. That's when the frustration sets in. So, that was a tough phase for Rishabh. We had to support him in that phase.”

NCA physiotherapist Dhananjay Kaushik said that Pant came to him with a bad knee after the accident, but he was also surprised by Pant's positive attitude.

“There were no ligaments left (on Pant's injured right knee) during that accident. ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), PCL (posterior cruciate ligament), a part of the quadriceps, you name it and he didn't have it.

“I think if there is anyone who can bounce back it is Rishabh Pant, with the attitude he has,” Kaushik said.

NCA strength and conditioning coach Nishant Bordoloi said the entire episode has made Pant a changed person.

“It has made him a better person. He is now more respectful of life as a whole. It has made him more resilient and stronger. He was a very good person, he has become an even better person now ” Bordoloi said.

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