Rishi Sunak draws flak for ‘defining a woman’ jibe in presence of murdered trans girl’s mother

Feb 8, 2024

New Delhi: British Prime Minister rishi sunak The Labor Party leader was criticized on Wednesday for making comments mocking his position. keir starmer On the definition of woman, it was announced shortly after that the mother of the murdered transgender teenager was present in Parliament.
tragic murder of Brianna The case of Ghee, a 16-year-old transgender teenager who was stabbed 28 times last year, has deeply affected the country. Last Friday, his two 16-year-old killers received life sentences.
During a question session, Sunak used the opportunity to highlight Starmer's inconsistencies on a variety of issues, and finished with a quip about his stance on defining a woman.
Sunak said that “defining woman” was on Starmer's list of broken promises, joking that it was “only a 99% U-turn”.
Starmer hit back at Sunak, saying, “To say that all these weeks, when Brianna's mother is in this chamber, is shameful. To perform as an honest person when he's got absolutely no accountability.”
This appears to be a reference to a comment made by Khadi starmer About transgender issues from last April, where he said that 99.9% of women “definitely haven't got a penis”.
Sunak later acknowledged Esther Ghee's presence in Parliament and praised her for her compassion and empathy in the face of such a tragic event.
LGBTQ+ rights group Stonewall called on Sunak to apologize for his comments, calling them “vicious, insensitive and stupid”, the AP reported. However, the treasury chief jeremy hunt Sunak defended his comments, saying his comments were intended to criticize Starmer's indecision on key issues rather than shed light on gender in the presence of a grieving mother.
(with inputs from agencies)

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