Roman Polanski faces new lawsuit alleging rape of minor in the 1970’s


Polish director Roman Polanski is now embroiled in a new lawsuit alleging he drugged and raped a minor in the 1970s, according to recent court filings.

According to hollywood reporterThe lawsuit, filed by an anonymous plaintiff last year in Los Angeles Superior Court, was recently granted permission to reveal Polanski as a defendant. The plaintiff, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, accused Polanski of inviting her to dinner after meeting her at a party as teenagers.

Allegedly, Polanski provided her with alcohol, and after returning to her residence, the plaintiff claims she woke up and found Polanski lying next to her, engaged in sexual acts despite her repeated objections. Was trying to be. Polanski allegedly ignored her pleas and began sexually assaulting her.

The complaint, citing claims of rape, sexual assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress, takes advantage of a 2020 amendment to California's statute of limitations, giving victims of childhood sexual abuse more time to take legal action. goes.

Polanski, a fugitive from the United States since the 1970s, was previously arrested in 1977 for raping Samantha Geimer when she was 13 years old. After learning that the judge overseeing his case intended to revoke a plea agreement due to fear of a long prison sentence, he fled to France. Despite Geimer's recent petition to dismiss the criminal case against him and sentence Polanski to serve time in his absence, the court has so far refused.

The latest lawsuit adds to Polanski's legal troubles, which also include a trial in France on defamation charges and ongoing efforts to uncover testimony regarding possible judicial misconduct in his original case.

As the trial began in France, Polanski was accused of telling “heinous lies” to British actress Charlotte Lewis' allegations following a sexual assault claim in the 1980s.

While France and Poland have opposed extradition requests, unsealing the testimony could affect Polanski's legal status and possible return to the United States.

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