Russia launches 57 cruise missiles at Ukraine, violates Poland’s airspace


New Delhi: Russia on Sunday launched its third significant missile attack on Ukraine in the last four days, targeting Kiev for the second time.
Poland's military said a missile aimed at western Ukraine briefly violated its airspace. Serhiy PopkoThe head of Kiev's military administration revealed that Russia used launched cruise missiles Tu-95MS strategic bomber,
Kiev was put on high alert for more than two hours as rockets were coming in groups towards Kiev from the north. Popko revealed that the attacks originated from the Engels district of Russia's Saratov region.
There were no reports of casualties or damage in Kiev. NATO member Poland confirmed the violation of its airspace by a Russian cruise missile targeting cities in western Ukraine at 4:23 a.m.
“On March 24, at 4:23 a.m. (0323 GMT), Polish airspace was violated by one of the cruise missiles launched overnight by the long-range aviation of the Russian Federation,” the armed forces said in a post on Twitter. Was.”
The missile entered near the Polish city of Oserdow and remained stationary for 39 seconds before ejecting. Military radar systems closely monitored the missile, with all necessary security procedures immediately implemented to protect Polish airspace.
Meanwhile, Poland said that it would seek clarification from Moscow. Foreign Ministry spokesman Pavel Vronsky said in a statement that, “Above all, we call on the Russian Federation to stop its terrorist air strikes against the population and territory of Ukraine, end the war, and focus on the country's own internal problems.” Let's say for.”
He said the missile would have been shot down “if there had been any indication that it was headed towards a target on Polish territory”.
The military said the missile, which was traveling at about 800 kilometers per hour (500 mph) about 400 meters (1,300 feet) above the ground, had passed about two kilometers across the border into Poland.
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