‘Russia ready to use nuclear weapon if …’: Putin warns again


New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin Repeated this on Wednesday Russia ready to use nuclear weapon if it is sovereignty Or freedom is in danger.
Putin was asked about the possibility of using nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine in an interview with Russian state television released on Wednesday. Answering the question, Putin said that such action was not considered necessary.
Putin further commented that he does not believe the world is on a path to nuclear conflict, citing US President Joe Biden as an experienced politician who understands the potential risks of escalation.
However, Putin said that in line with the country's security doctrine, Moscow is ready to use nuclear weapons in any situation. Threat “The existence of the Russian state, our sovereignty and independence.”
“Whatever is written in our strategy, we have not changed it,” he said.
Earlier this month, Putin had said that Russia is fully prepared for nuclear war if its sovereignty is in danger. However, he added that “not everything is moving in a hurry” at present.
“The deployment of US troops to Russian territory or Ukraine would be considered interference,” Putin said in an interview with Russian state media.
The Russian President gave a clear warning to the West, saying that if America did the same, the Kremlin would conduct nuclear tests.
He said, “From a military-technical point of view, we are certainly prepared. The weapons exist to use them. We have our own principles. If the United States conducted a nuclear test, Russia could do the same.”
In reference to NATO allies supporting Kiev, Putin said, “Countries that are claiming that they have no red lines with respect to Russia should understand that Russia also has no red lines with respect to them.” There won't be a line.”
Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis recently expressed concern that the West often limits itself to self-imposed “red lines” when dealing with Russia. He also accepted French President Emmanuel Macron's statement that the deployment of Western troops in Ukraine could not be ruled out.
Following recent advances on the battlefield, Putin argued that Ukraine and its Western supporters would need to agree to terms set by Russia to ultimately end the conflict.
“This should not be a break in the enemy's retreat, but a serious dialogue related to security guarantees for the Russian Federation,” he said.
Putin said the recent increase in Ukrainian drone attacks inside Russia is part of efforts to derail the country's three-day presidential election, which begins on Friday, given his almost complete crackdown on dissent and tight controls. He is set to win with an overwhelming majority. On the political system of Russia.
Putin alleged that the Ukrainian drone strikes were aimed at disrupting Russia's presidential elections. The Russian Defense Ministry reported 58 drones downed in six regions, one of which hit a refinery in Ryazan, injuring two. Ukrainian attacks with maritime drones and missiles on Russian naval assets in the Black Sea region have weakened Moscow's naval capability.
Ukraine reported more Russian attacks with casualties in various locations on Wednesday. The attacks in Myrnohrad left two dead and five injured. In Sumy, two people were killed and eight injured in a drone strike. In Kryvyi Rih, a missile attack killed five and injured 43, including 12 children, the youngest being a 2-month-old infant.
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said, “Similar attacks occur on our cities and villages every day. “Every day Ukraine loses people to Russian evil.”
(with inputs from agencies)

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