Russian man uses ChatGPT to match with over 5,000 women on Tinder |

Feb 5, 2024

A Russian man has claimed that artificial intelligence (AI) assisted him in meeting and advancing his correspondence with his now-wife. The man Alexander Zhadan shared a post on Twitter where he revealed that he used ChatGPT to run a Tinder bot that matched him with over 5,000 women on the app. In the post he shared that he proposed to the girl that ChatGPT had been talking with on his behalf for a year.
In the post he claims that to find the one girl, the bot he created had matched and communicated with 5,239 girls whom he had met up with.He shares in the thread that ChatGPT sometimes made him have six dates a day. He went on to add that he had several variations of the ChatGPT bot. He further claimed that he took a break from it after he found his now fiance, Karina.
The Russian news agency RIA Novosti too has covered the story. “I gave ChatGPT information about how I communicate. At first, there were problems because the program didn’t know me, it could write some kind of nonsense, but later I trained it to such an extent that it began to interact with girls like me,” Zhadan said, as per the agency.
The 23-year-old revealed that the AI bot removed bad matches, “made small talk on his behalf”, booked dates, and eventually even helped him propose. He stated that he also installed certain filters that would show him those women with whom he should continue communicating live.
He added that he used the AI platform to continue his correspondence with her. “When Karina and I met live, I realized that it was possible to stop this system, and retrained her as an analyst of correspondence with Karina,” he said, adding that the neural network told him where to go with the girl and what to say in a given situation.
According to the software developer, Karina was unaware of the role AI played in her relationship. She found out about it only after they submitted their applications to the registry office. Zhadan said that his now-wife “reacted calmly” after finding out about the truth.

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