Russian rouble hits one-week low vs dollar after deadly Moscow attack


MOSCOW: The ruble hit a one-week low of 93 against the dollar on Monday as Russian markets reopened following deadly shootings near Moscow on Friday evening, providing support for the Russian currency higher. oil prices And tax payment at the end of the month.
Russia flew flags at half-mast for a day of mourning and charged four men with killing several people at a concert outside Moscow on Friday night in the deadliest attack inside Russia in two decades.
At 0730 GMT, the ruble was unchanged at 92.81 against the dollar, having fallen to a one-week low in early trading. It was trading 0.1% lower against the euro at 100.36 and 0.3% against the yuan at 12.78.
Investors were reacting on Friday as well Rate of interest Remain at 16%. The Bank of Russia warned that inflation pressures remain high and that tight monetary conditions will be maintained for a long time to try to make a comeback inflation For the bank's 4% target.
brent crude oilRussia's main export, the global benchmark, was up 0.4% at $85.76 a barrel.
The ruble should also receive support this week from month-end taxes that are typically seen exporters Convert foreign exchange revenues to pay local liabilities.
Russian stock indices were at lower levels.
The dollar-denominated RTS index was down 0.5% at 1,107.0 points. The ruble-based MOEX Russian index was 0.4% lower at 3,259.5 points.

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