Russians ready to vote tomorrow, Putin set for another comeback


New Delhi: Russia fully prepared for vote Elections for their next president on March 15-17. According to reports, polling will be open for three days from Friday to Sunday. Presidential elections will be held online for the first time.
This much-awaited election holds an important place not only for Russia but also for the world.
What does it do it means Putin
Vladimir Putin, who is certain to seek his 5th term if elected, will be the longest-serving leader since Joseph Stalin and will rule for the next six years until 2036.
Before voting, President Putin has appealed to Russians to participate in the voting and exercise their franchise.
“It is necessary to reaffirm our unity and determination to move forward together. Each of your votes is valuable and important. Therefore, I urge you to exercise your right to vote in the next three days. He said that all “Polling centers will remain open. Cities, towns and villages remind Russians that they are one family.” Putin said in a recorded video message, Tass news agency reports.
He continued, “Dear friends! All of us, the multinational people of Russia, are one big family. We will do everything exactly the way we want. Therefore, I ask you to come to the polls and express your civic and patriotic position. I say.” , For the successful future of our beloved Russia, vote for your chosen candidate.”
Who are the other candidates?
Nikolai Kharitonov, 75, a longtime member of the State Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament, serves as the Communist Party's official candidate. The party's candidates have consistently finished second to Putin in every election since 2000. Kharitonov, who hails from Siberia, had previously contested the election in 2004 and won 13.8 percent of the vote compared to Putin's 71.91 percent.
Leonid Slutsky, 56, holds a prominent position in the State Duma and leads the ultra-nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR). He took over the leadership of the party in 2022 after the demise of its veteran leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky.
Vladislav Davankov, age 40, serves as deputy speaker of the State Duma and represents the New People political party, founded in 2020 with the support of his businessman father. The youngest registered candidate, Davankov has received several state awards, including one from Putin himself.
Russia annexes Ukrainian territory to vote in presidential election
According to reports, voting is scheduled to take place in 27 Russian regions as well as Crimea, which Moscow annexed from Ukraine a decade ago. Additionally, votes will take place in Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia and Kherson – regions annexed after a full-scale invasion in 2022.
However, Kiev and Western countries have criticized the decision to hold the vote in these regions. Early voting has already started in some areas and will be gradually implemented in other areas.
Ukraine declares Russia's election on occupied territories invalid
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry described voting in Russia's presidential election, which is also being held in Ukraine's occupied territories, as illegal and void and called on its international partners not to recognize the results.
In its statement, the ministry said the electoral campaign on Russia's occupied territories showed that Moscow demonstrated “consistent disregard for international law norms and principles.”

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