SAT India 2024 Exam: SAT India 2024 exam on March 9: Check exam pattern, syllabus and other details


The online registration round for the Scholastic Admission Test (SAT) for the March 2024 session will close tonight. Candidates can apply for SAT 2024 on the official website
The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a standardized test administered by the College Board. It is used by universities in the United States and Canada to admit undergraduate students. Some universities and colleges in the United Kingdom and Australia also accept SAT scores as admission.
What is the eligibility?
To take the SAT exam, candidates must have completed 12th class or equivalent qualification from a recognized board or university. There is no age limit, but most applicants are usually between 17 and 19 years old. There are no restrictions on how many times someone can take the SAT.
sat 2024 exam pattern
The new digital SAT exam pattern is shorter, lasting 2 hours and 14 minutes with a 10-minute break. It uses multistage adaptive testing, accurately measuring skills in a short time frame.
With a total of 98 questions, candidates have an average of 1 minute and 30 seconds per question. They can navigate freely within each section, and once one section times out, the next starts automatically.
Here's an overview:

Stream Duration Number of questions/tasks score scale
Reading and Writing (RW Section) 64 minutes 54 (50 operational questions, 4 pre-test questions) 200-800 (in 10-point intervals)
Mathematic 70 minutes 44 (40 operational questions, 4 pre-test questions) 200-800 (in 10-point intervals)
Total 134 minutes 98 400-1600

What does 'score-scale' mean in the SAT?
The SAT exam score scale is a standardized measure for evaluating and comparing test takers' performance. It provides a numerical representation of a student's overall examination performance, helping colleges and universities consistently assess the academic abilities of applicants. The score scale for each section (Reading/Writing and Mathematics) is 200 to 800, with the total score range for the entire exam being 400 to 1600. This standardized scoring system enables admissions officers to make informed decisions about which students are the best fit for their academic programs.
SAT 2024 Marking Scheme
On the SAT exam, questions are scored as right or wrong, with no penalties for wrong answers, allowing students to attempt all questions. Total SAT scores range from 400 to 1600, with 400 being the lowest possible score and 1600 being the highest possible score. These scores include the sum of the marks obtained in each section – the Mathematics section, scored on a scale of 200 to 800, and the Reading and Writing section, also scored on a scale of 200 to 800.
What is the syllabus of SAT 2024 exam?
The SAT test assesses readiness for college-level work through three main sections: reading, writing and language, and mathematics.
In the Reading section, the paragraphs cover a wide variety of topics such as fiction, non-fiction, social sciences, and science. Questions assess comprehension, structural analysis, identification of the main idea, author's purpose, tone, style, inference, and conclusion.
The Writing and Language section evaluates English prose proficiency by identifying grammar and usage errors, improving sentence structure, and revising passages for clarity, conciseness, and essay writing.
The mathematics section tests mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills, covering topics such as algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, and is divided into calculator and non-calculator sections.

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