Shah Rukh Khan Teaches Ed Sheeran His Iconic Pose. Here’s The Result


Viral: Shahrukh Khan taught Ed Sheeran his iconic pose.  here is the result

Ed Sheeran and Shahrukh Khan in a scene from the video. (courtesy: farahkhankunder)

New Delhi:

Is it too early to call this a collaboration of the year? So, Shahrukh Khan and Ed Sheeran shared a reel and fans didn't like it. Ed Sheeran and SRK can be seen recreating SRK's iconic pose from the track in the video (no guessing which one). Passion passion From Calmness runs in the background, Shah Rukh captioned the post, “This is our shape. Spreading love together…” Farah Khan reposted the video and wrote, “When you get a chance to direct Ed Sheeran and Shah Rukh Khan?. .. #SherKhan of course.”

A comment on Shah Rukh's post read, “I'm done with the multiverse this March. So many crazy crossovers.” Another said, “Alexa, play perfect quickly.” A third comment read, “This is perfect” (which is also the title of one of Ed Sheeran's songs). Another said, “This is the biggest collaboration of the year.” Another said: “Perfect x My love, when I saw you then I realizedAnother said, “We are in the third month of 2024.”

Shahrukh posted this:

Farah Khan posted this video of Shahrukh and Ed Sheeran's dance:

On Tuesday, Ed Sheeran shared a video of his visit to a school in Mumbai. Ed Sheeran captioned the post, “Visited a school in Mumbai this morning and swapped performances with the kids, had a lot of fun. Also great to be back in India.”

Farah Khan shared a picture with Ed Sheeran and she said, “Relax mode with the sweetest man ever.” This is the post we are talking about:

Ed Sheeran had previously visited India in 2017 and he partied with Bollywood celebrities after his first Indian concert.

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