Ship with Indian crew lost power twice hitting Baltimore bridge


New Delhi: Singapore flagged container ship branch experienced multiple power cut It collapsed before hitting the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, killing six construction workers, according to a preliminary report released Tuesday by the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The report provides a detailed timeline of events leading up to the disaster, which blocked the busy port of Baltimore, America's major hub.
The report revealed that Dali experienced two blackouts approximately ten hours before leaving Baltimore, the first caused by “mechanical blockage of the exhaust gas stack of the online generator” and the second related to “insufficient fuel pressure to the online generator.”
Dali suffered two blackouts in the moments before the collision, the first occurring when the ship was just 0.6 miles from the bridge. This caused a loss of propulsion and steering, causing the ship to deviate from its course. Although crews managed to restore power for a short time, a second blackout occurred when Dali was only 0.2 miles from the bridge. Despite the crew's attempt to make a hard turn to port using an emergency generator, the lack of propulsion sealed the bridge's fate.
Before and after the disaster, the crew was tested several times for drugs and alcohol, but no positive results were obtained.
Following the collapse, the FBI began a criminal investigation targeting the ship, with agents brought aboard as part of the investigation. President Joe Biden has pledged federal funding to rebuild the bridge and open a new channel to shipping traffic by the end of May. On Monday, workers demolished part of the bridge to free the cast, which has been buried under debris since the collapse.
The cast had an entirely Indian contingent According to ship management company Synergy Marine Group, there were 22 people on board.
In the early hours of March 26, the ship, en route from Baltimore to Colombo, collided with a 1.6-mile-long, four-lane bridge at Baltimore. After the collision, the bridge fell on the cargo ship. Owned by Grace Ocean Pvt Ltd, the vessel has a capacity of 10,000 TEU, with 4,679 TEU onboard units.
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