Simon Harris set to become Ireland’s youngest prime minister


New Delhi: 37-year-old Simon Harris of Indian origin is on his way to becoming Ireland's youngest prime minister After being elected as the new leader of the ruling Fine Gael party, Al Jazeera reports.
Expressing deep gratitude, Harris said it was “the absolute honor of my life” to be appointed as party leader, succeeding Leo Varadkar, who unexpectedly resigned, citing the party's need for a new direction. Had given.
With the support of Fine Gael's coalition partners, Harris is set to take over as Ireland's youngest-ever prime minister, known as Taoiseach, when parliament reconvenes on April 9, according to Al Jazeera. Is known.
Fine Gael's deputy leader, Simon Coveney, praised Harris for winning widespread leadership support, saying, “I think she's done a really good job.”
Addressing Fine Gael members, Harris promised tireless dedication, promising to repay their trust with hard work, responsibility and humility.
He outlined his priorities, emphasizing Fine Gael's commitment to law and order, reclaiming the party's identity from nationalists, and advocating a more planned immigration policy while opposing populism.
On the international stage, Harris called for a ceasefire in Gaza and described Russia's invasion of Ukraine as “horrible and illegal”.
With limited deadlines, Harris faces the challenge of maintaining the strength of the coalition in parliamentary elections within a year, Al Jazeera reported.
Sinn Féin, the left-wing party that advocates unification with Northern Ireland, has seen its popularity decline in recent elections, potentially changing the political landscape.
Harris, who previously served as Minister for Education, Research and Science, gained prominence for her leadership during Ireland's COVID-19 response.
Reflecting on her journey into politics, Harris attributed her involvement to concerns about her autistic brother's educational support, and dubbed herself an “accidental politician”.
Before Harris, Leo Varadkar held the distinction of being Ireland's youngest leader, serving as Prime Minister from 2017 to 2020 and again from December 2022.
Varadkar's unexpected resignation was announced on Wednesday, citing personal and political reasons, Al Jazeera reports.
Notably, Varadkar, of Indian-Irish heritage, broke barriers as the first openly gay and biracial Prime Minister of Ireland.

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