Six more bodies are found days after a boat of Rohingya refugees capsized off Indonesia


six more bodies of Rohingya refugees found on the seashore Indonesia A boat carrying more than 150 people capsized last week, local officials said Monday. Bodies of six women found off the coast Aceh Province, search and rescue officials said in a statement. Five bodies were found over the weekend.
Staff member Faisal Rahman said the UN refugee agency had confirmed with survivors that the women were on their boat.
The agency said the boat carrying Rohingya Muslims had left a refugee camp bangladesh But it changed on Wednesday. Fishermen and search and rescue workers on Thursday rescued 75 people after they were stranded overnight on the capsized hull of a boat.
UN agencies said Friday that at least 70 people were missing or feared dead.
About 1 million of the predominantly Muslim Rohingya live in Bangladesh as refugees from Myanmar. They include about 740,000 people who fled a brutal counter-insurgency campaign in 2017 by Myanmar security forces, who are accused of carrying out mass rapes and killings.
The Rohingya minority faces widespread discrimination in Myanmar. Most have been denied citizenship.
Indonesia, like Thailand and Malaysia, is not a signatory to the United Nations' 1951 Refugee Convention and is not obliged to accept them. However, the country generally provides temporary shelter to refugees in crisis.

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