Social media platform ‘X’ shutdown continues for seventh day in Pakistan |


Islamabad: After about a week, popular social media platform 'X' is still there accessible on to Pakistanis and caretaker government The reason behind the longer duration has not been revealed yet dissolutionGeo News reported.
According to the report shut down The campaign, which began last Saturday, resulted in users across the country being unable to share information.
Acting Minister for Information and Technology Dr. Omar Saif was not immediately available for comment. Pakistan The Telecom Authority (PTA) has not yet issued any statement on this matter.
“User reports indicate potential problems on X (Twitter),” website tracker said, Geo News reported.
According to the report, despite the country being on top Internet Users globally, Pakistan struggles with internet AvailabilityRanking lower than their peers, while authorities reportedly restrict access to social media platforms.
Ahead of the 8 February general elections, users were unable to access several social media sites, which the relevant authorities attributed to an error. However, according to the caretaker government, the internet was shut down on polling day to avoid terrorism. Following the expected surveys, there were repeated interruptions in access to X.
The Internet shutdown directly contradicts constitutionally guaranteed rights such as freedom of information (Article 19-A), freedom of speech (Article 19), and freedom of association (Article 17). In its February 2018 judgment, the Islamabad High Court declared the internet shutdown to be against fundamental rights and the Constitution.
Digital rights activists had criticized the authorities' move to restrict access to social media platforms and condemned the lack of transparency on the part of the government.
Meanwhile, the Sindh High Court on Thursday ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to completely restore the services of social media platform PTA has yet to allow access.

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