Somali pirates release hijacked ship MV Abdullah after $5 million ransom


New Delhi: somali pirates freed hijacked ship, MV AbdullahSunday after $5 million Ransom Payment was made, as confirmed by two pirates.
Abdirashid Yusuf, one of the pirates, told Reuters, “As usual, the money was brought to us two nights ago… We checked whether the money was fake or not. Then we divided the money into groups and took them away from government forces. Got away safely.” ,
somali government official No comment was given on the incident.
MV Abdullah, A Bangladesh-flagged The bulk carrier was seized in March about 600 nautical miles east of Mogadishu en route from Mozambique to the United Arab Emirates.
Somali pirates, known for their past activities, reemerged last year, possibly due to weak security measures or taking advantage of regional turmoil.
Reports suggest a possible link between the piracy resurgence and the unrest generated by Yemen's Houthi group and the conflict in Gaza.

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