‘Some of them can’t stomach IPL fees of Indians’: Sunil Gavaskar criticizes England’s attitude, tying it to ‘lack of IPL success’ | Cricket News


New Delhi: India's comprehensive 4-1 series win England Anthony de Mello remains in the trophy Sunil Gavaskar Excited, yet he did not hesitate to criticize England's attitude, particularly linking it to their performance in the Indian Premier League (IPL).
Expressing happiness over India's spectacular victory Gavaskar Highlighted the importance of the team's success despite early setbacks and the absence of key players Virat Kohli And KL Rahul.He lauded the emergence of young talent within the Indian team, underscoring the satisfaction he derived from their dominance over England.

In his column for The Sportstar, Gavaskar did not hold back from criticizing England's behaviour, accusing them of a “sense of superiority” and unnecessary verbal exchanges throughout the series. He attributed this to his perceived lack of success in the IPL compared to Australian players.

“Australians have always been better, they're trying to adapt to the culture and we don't look down our noses at the natives. It also helps that Australians recognize the golden goose when they see one, And the IPL is definitely a huge golden goose, Gavaskar commented, highlighting the contradictory attitude between Australian and English players towards the IPL.

Gavaskar emphasized the financial aspect, noting the significant difference in IPL earnings between Australian and English players, with only a select few English names among the top earners. He suggested that this discrepancy increases the tension between Indian and English players during matches.
Gavaskar said, “Some of them cannot afford the fees for which some Indian players have been bought and compare their achievements at the international level, when the dynamics of the IPL auction are so volatile and difficult to explain or even understand.” Can.” Challenges facing English players in IPL

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