Spain’s high court suspends $209 million fines on Apple, Amazon amid appeal

Feb 8, 2024

Madrid: Spain's High Court suspended a fine of 194 million euros ($209 million). Amazon And Apple An Amazon spokeswoman said Thursday that the decision was pending against the tech giant's appeal to the local antitrust watchdog in July.
cnmcAs is known, the watchdog fined Amazon and Apple for colluding to prevent dealers other than Amazon from selling Apple goods on Amazon's websites in Spain.
Apple was fined 143.6 million euros and Amazon fined 50.5 million euros, and both companies said at the time they would appeal.
An Amazon spokesperson said the court's decision to suspend payments is part of the appeals process.
Amazon said in July that the deal with Apple had resulted in an increased number of discounts on Apple devices on Amazon's websites.
The suspension of fines does not anticipate whether the court will rule in favor or against the tech giants.
An Apple spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
The CNMC said a contract signed by the two companies in October 2018 granting Amazon the status of authorized Apple dealer on its websites in Spain contained anti-competitive clauses that would bar more than 90% of existing retailers from Amazon's marketplace. Used to stop selling Apple products in India.
After these contracts, Amazon also reduced the ability of retailers European Union The regulator said it was restricted from being based outside Spain to reach Spanish customers, and allowing Apple's competitors to advertise on their websites when users searched for Apple products.
A similar case was opened against two companies in Italy but was eventually dropped.

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