Spanish judge halts suspension of Telegram


A spanish judge Reversed its stance on Monday and put on hold its controversial order to temporarily suspend the messaging app Wire A police report on the company is pending in the country. Judge Santiago Pedraz of the High Court of Spain courtwhich handles sensitive cases, issued a “temporary” order on Friday suspension“After the telegram media companies Complained that it was infringing on their intellectual property rights by allowing users to upload their content without permission.
Consumer rights group Fesua criticized the decision as disproportionate and warned that it would cause “huge harm” to the platform's millions of users and that the app continue to operate in Spain.
“It's as if they have shut down the Internet because there are websites that illegally host content protected by copyright,” said Ruben Sanchez, secretary general of FACUA.
But on Monday the judge put on hold his order to suspend the service pending a police report on the platform and the court asked “what impact the temporary suspension may have on users”. Telegram is an encrypted messaging platform that also allows users to set up their own channels to broadcast content. Pedraz issued the suspension order after authorities in the Virgin Islands, where Telegram is registered as a business, failed to respond to a July 2023 court request for information. The media companies – which Fesua named Mediaset, AtresMedia, Movistar and Egeda – complained that their content was being used on Telegram without their consent.

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