SPPU Professors Speak Out Against Arrests, Defend Educational Play |

Feb 6, 2024

Pune: Savitribai Phule is a professor in several departments at Pune University (SPPU) who held a meeting on Monday and expressed strong objection to the arrest of five students and the head on Saturday. Department Of Fine Arts Centerand defended my game educational,
He said the department had approved the script for the opinion of theater and cinema experts long before it was screened on Thursday.
Lectures are suspended in the department since Saturday following protests and vandalism over experimental drama.
The professors said that an opinion was formed based on the first three minutes of the recording rather than watching the entire play because it was also about what the actors should not do. He described the arrest and release of the HOD and students as an attack on the autonomy of the university and its teaching-learning process. Deepak Garud, professor at the Center for Fine Arts, said it was part of the first-year examination of the students and the script was approved before the screening and performance in front of the audience.
“Experts had no objection to this. The story was based on a play within a play and the set was designed in such a way that one side showed the stage and the other side showed the actors' make-up room. When they're in the makeup room, they're not characters, they're actors talking freely. The play was about what actors should not do in life and was not offensive at all. The students showed what they see the actors doing in the society after the acting is over. People should have seen the entire drama,” Garud said.
Chaitanya Kunte, another professor in the department of performing arts at SPPU, said the exam pattern where students write scripts and perform plays has existed for years.
“It is the job of the teacher or the university to investigate or judge what students do in their academic field. There is no need for outsiders to get involved in this. Violence should not be the way to anything. This is experimental art. It has to be displayed in front of the audience. It is a part of our teaching-learning process,” he said.
Professor Mahesh Deokar of the Department of Pali and Buddhist Studies said that Maharashtra has screened the controversial play Vastraharan. “Opinions may differ, but violence cannot be the answer,” he said.
Mihir ArjunwadkarThe professor in the department of scientific computing, modeling and simulation said students have done controversial plays before but no one objected to this one because they knew it was an experimental play.
“If other students had objections, they could wait for it to be over and then discuss it with the actors. These are young kids, just 18 to 20 years old,” Arjun-Wadkar said.
a group of students affiliated with All India Student Council They reached the amphitheater on Friday evening and objected to the play, arguing that it contained objectionable dialogues and scenes. The play stopped after clash between students of Lalit Kala Kendra and ABVP arrests, The arrested professor and students, who were also accused of rioting after the clash, were granted bail by a Pune court on Saturday evening.

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