Struggling To Open Plastic Bag Knots? This Viral Hack Offers A Quick Solution


Isn’t it annoying when we’re unable to do certain things in the kitchen? It could be removing stubborn stains from utensils, opening a tight bottle jar, or perhaps trying to keep the chopping board in place while cutting veggies. It’s not like we aren’t able to do it, but it may take you a bit longer than usual. Another common problem that we all encounter almost daily is struggling to open tight plastic bag knots. The struggle is quite real! Although the use of these bags has reduced significantly, there is a high chance you’ll still come across them. This is especially true when you’re buying fruits and veggies from a sabzi mandi or a local vendor. Upon going back home, it can be a real struggle to open these bags. But not anymore! Here’s an easy hack that may help you do so with ease every single time!
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The video of this easy hack was shared by an Instagram handle that goes by the name @alshihacks. In the clip, we can see a man demonstrating how to open tight knots in a plastic bag. All you have to do is twist one end of the knot until it becomes firm. Once it does, gently push it towards the other end, and you’ll notice that the plastic bag easily opens. Quite simple, right? “Open your plastic bag knot with just a twist,” reads the caption of the post. You can watch the full video of this hack here:

A number of users reacted to the viral hack on how to open tight knots in a plastic bag. One person commented, “Yeh toh rocket science bata di aapne (You’ve explained rocket science).” Another wrote, “Hey, that was something new. I’m now waiting for someone to tie such a tight knot so I can try your hack.” A third person commented, “25 years late, ho gaya main (I’m 25 years late).” “Yeh trick mujhe mere papa ne bachpan me sikhayi thi (My father taught me this trick during childhood)” wrote a fourth person.
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However, some also felt that this trick required even more patience, and they would prefer tearing the bag apart. “I’ve been doing it the same way for years, but sometimes it seriously tests my patience, and I just have to tear it,” read a comment. A sixth person commented, “Aur abh aadhi zindagi twist karne mein nikal jayegi (and now half of life will be spent in turning the twist).” “Ya fir mummy se khulwa lo knot (get the knot opened by mom),” joked another.

What do you think about this viral hack? Are you planning to try it out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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